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"Following a car accident I suffered on going problems with my shoulder, after a few intensive treatments with Chris the injury is much better. On an ongoing basis I have regular treatments to keep the problem under control."
Siobhan Lee (Brighter Marketing)

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Changing You

Hello, I am Chris Corcoran and welcome to Changing You. As a Personal Fitness Trainer, Sports Massage Therapist and Nutritional Advisor I can offer you personal fitness training, sports massage therapy and nutritional advice in Leeds and West Yorkshire.

Why Personal Training?

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If you are one of those people who continually say to themselves "I know I need to exercise more regularly, but I simply don't have the time!" If you continually break promises to yourself that you will improve your health and fitness levels, Personal Training is for you.

You probably would never break an appointment with an important client, but you will ignore your commitments to yourself. If you work with a Personal Trainer, you become the important client. Don't you owe it to yourself to be physically and mentally at your best?

Regular exercise has innumerable benefits and I need only mention a few. How would you like to wake up and then continue through the day feeling good about yourself, with less stress, and more energy? Imagine yourself if you were carrying around less excess body-fat, had increased fitness levels and improved mental clarity. Would you feel better prepared for your next all-important meeting if you had lost a little weight, felt more muscle toned and had an improved body-shape? You can do this with a few hours a week of regular exercise and eating healthily, it will make a huge difference to both your personal and work life.

As a professional Personal Trainer, I can help individuals, teams and organisations achieve their desired goals. I believe that performance monitoring, feedback and results are the key to success. I will use these elements regularly to measure your progress. There are a number of reasons why I can make the difference and positively motivate you:
1) I will create a variable individual training programme that matches your goals, excludes some of the things you don't like or better still help you to enjoy them and gives you a positive feel about your self and your workout.
2) I am there just for you and no one else (unless you decide to reduce your costs and train with others) for the period of your session. I want to see you achieve goals, so I will push you just that little bit further and encourage you when I feel it is appropriate.
3) Hopefully, as with my other clients you will like me and so having a rapport and have some fun this will help you to think positively and actually look forward to seeing me for your training session.
4) Once you have organised your times for training, as your trainer I will be seeing you at a specific time. This is great for motivating you to arrive for your session on time.
5) You have paid for me so you will do the session.
6) If your motivation is low I can keep you going, that will make you feel great about yourself and of course help you to achieve your goals.