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Changing You Testimonials

Hello, I am Chris Corcoran and I am a Personal Fitness Trainer, Sports Massage Therapist and Nutritional Advisor I can offer you personal fitness training, sports massage therapy and nutritional advice in Leeds and West Yorkshire. Here is what some of my clients have had to say about me.

"I first chanced across Chris whilst searching for personal trainers on the internet. I was at a pretty low point, having been diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome, and having a chronic pain problem I had been told to stop all exercise by my doctors. Chris took time to research the condition before replying to my email, and has since helped me enormously, both physically and mentally. If I am having a bad day he reassures me, and never makes me feel guilty about being unable to exercise, which is something I have previously experienced with other trainers. If I am having a good day he encourages me, but never lets me do too much! He is always enthusiastic and clearly loves his job, and I always enjoy the exercise sessions as a consequence.
I’ve also had a few massages from Chris - which are incredible, although I may hurt a bit they always make any sore muscles feel so much better. He has made me much more aware of how muscles work and repair, I have learnt so much from him.
Since meeting Chris my fitness level has increased no end, and my pain levels have decreased to a negligible level. I have never enjoyed exercise so much, (it’s no longer a chore!) I have also never looked better!
I was proud to have Chris as a guest at my recent wedding, and can never thank him enough for helping me look and feel great in my wedding dress.
If you are looking for a brilliant personal trainer - look no further, you won’t find better than Chris Corcoran. "
Caroline Purnell, BVetMed, MRCVS

"Chris has been my personal trainer for 6 months. My time with Chris has been so beneficial. His belief that “fitness” is more than just physical is apparent in all he does, and his holistic approach suits me very well. He is a good listener and has become my confidant during a very difficult time. I have reached the targets I set for myself and achieved things (eg running and lifting weights) that I never thought I would do.”
Tanis Jackson (Business Consultant) Read all>>

"I am the Rehearsal Director and also a Dancer at Phoenix Dance Theatre. Chris Corcoran has massaged all the professional dancers in the company. Their feedback is fantastic, saying that thanks to Chris injuries haven’t occurred. They also say that he is highly professional and reliable. I would refer Chris to anyone in need of treatment or preventing an injury."
Ana Lujan Sanchez, (Dancer & Rehearsal Director, Phoenix Dance Theatre)

"Chris has provided Sports Massage services to the Leeds Tykes first team squad in both the 2004/2005 and 2005/2006 seasons. At the Tykes we believe sports massage is essential to recovery and performance and the work Chris has done, providing high quality sports massage to our first team squad has been vital in preparing them to perform at their peak throughout the season, particularly in the build up to our 2005 Powergen Cup Success. Chris has been one of our most reliable and consistent members of staff, he is a quality masseur and I would highly recommend his services."
Dave Stringer BSc (Hons) MCSP SRP Assistant Physiotherapist (Leeds Tykes RUFC) Read All>>

"When the sports masseur I regularly used in
Leeds changed jobs and moved away, I struggled to find a recommendation for another in the area.  In desperation I Googled ‘sports’+’massage’+’leeds’ and somewhere in the results came up with ‘Changing You’.  It was a one page website then with a name and phone number and little else.  With a little trepidation I took a step into the unknown. A couple of years and many massages later I can safely say that nobody knows my legs better than Chris. I trust his advice implicitly, to the extent that when he says “You’re not going to like this, but you shouldn’t run” or “It might be a bit sore, but you won’t do yourself any damage” I take notice and act accordingly.I’ve recommended Chris to a number of people looking for a sports masseur and can’t fault his technique, depth of knowledge  or approach. His attention to detail and manner set him aside from others I have visited in his field. It’s always a pleasure seeing Chris (even if sometimes it hurts a bit) and I’d say that we would now be classed as friends rather than masseur and patient/victim. So if you are reading this having chanced upon ‘Changing You’ I hope this testimonial helps put your mind at rest and leads to Chris Corcoran ‘changing you’ for the better too."Tony Audenshaw (Bob Hope from 'Emmerdale')

"As a sports person, or even as a non-sports person, once you use Chris you will realise how much you need him."
S. Cross

"I am writing to thank you on behalf of Breast Cancer Care for your invaluable help at the first ever Harewood House & West Yorkshire Ribbon Walk in association with woman&home on Saturday. The event was a great success and we really couldn’t have done it without your help. Thank you so much for supporting our walkers and for making this Ribbon Walk so enjoyable for all involved. We really appreciate how hard you worked massaging our weary participants. The post-walk massage is such an important part of making the experience special for the walkers, many of whom have never undertaken a physical challenge like this before. I was overwhelmed by how happy, encouraging, and enthusiastic you were. No wonder our walkers were coming out of your tent wearing big smiles and sighing with relief! We have already received some wonderful feedback from the walkers commenting on how lovely it was to get a little bit of pampering. We hope that the Harewood House Ribbon Walk will raise £150,000. At Breast Cancer Care we want every person affected by breast cancer to get the best treatment, information and support. All our services are free and your contribution to the day will help make this possible. We look forward to seeing you again next year."
The Ribbon Walk Team

"After five years of problems with my left achilles tendon which culminated with a total rupture in 2005, it could have been the end of my high jumping exploits.  However, after a long and at times frustrating rehabilitation, I am back somewhere very close to where I want to be and huge gratitude goes out to Chris. Last year my comeback year, was difficult and I seemed to be struggling with new injuries every time that I saw Chris.  Time after time he worked his magic and I was off training again.  Unexpectedly I won the UK M40 outdoor high jump title.  All of that week I had had a calf injury which had severely limited my training but treatment from Chris and I was able to compete. This year the weekly treatments continue and this has definitely helped me to train harder and has culminated recently in me breaking the UK M40 high jump record in Belgium. From being pessimistic a couple of years ago, I am now hugely optimistic about my future jumping and am targeting a medal in the World Veterans Championships later this year in Italy."
Steve Linsell, Current UK M40 high jump champion and UK M40 record holder.

"Sometimes injuries cannot be avoided but it is no coincidence I have just completed my longest injury free period of training whilst receiving regular sports massage. Keeping fit to train and compete has to be a priority for any athlete. I would strongly recommend Chris for sports massage. He is an athlete himself and understands what it takes to be successful in sport. He is also able to offer good advice on nutrition and cross training methods."
Phil Ounsley, Part time MMA fighter with 23 years service in the Police Force

"What was important for me was that the trainer understood ... my exercise regime and ... at a pace I felt comfortable with but at the same time challenged me. I’d always got bored with the gym and uninspiring exercise regimes that I didn’t really feel any noticeable benefits from after the initial burst of enthusiasm. Working with Chris has been really beneficial for me. Chris’ approach is easy going, but focussed, Chris ... always reinforces progress. Our sessions are varied which keeps it interesting, plus we often have a laugh during the session, it makes exercising a lot more fun and I really feel energised ... have really helped in changing my exercise pattern so I don’t stay doing the same things every time I go to the gym. Chris has given me lots of really useful information on healthy eating and general fitness, combined with his knowledge and expertise on sports massage which has come in handy on the odd occasion where I’ve been a bit too over enthusiastic. I would really recommend giving Chris a call, he really knows his stuff and is a nice bloke with it - I can honestly say since I started my sessions with him my whole attitude to exercise has changed and I’ve kept going to the gym and even enjoyed it which is totally different to how I was before!"
Lucy Read All>>

"Chris Corcoran takes the welfare of his clients to heart.  He is committed to helping others improve their fitness and health awareness levels and is dedicated to the level of service he provides.  Through the two (in both the Leeds & Sheffield offices) ten week "get fit" programmes he ran for staff at Business in the Community, as part of their commitment to being a responsible employer, staff reported a marked improvement in their health and fitness levels and increased knowledge of nutrition.  This was a fantastic opportunity offered by Business in the Community to employ a personal trainer to help my level of fitness. I have never worked out before with a trainer, and have now recognised the benefits of undertaking regular exercise."
Julie Palfreeman, (Personnel Manager, Business in the Community)

"Chris just a short note of Thanks:
I did the London Marathon, I did it running from start to finish and I beat 4 hours (3:54) so all objectives achieved. I am convinced this wouldn't have happened without the weekly massages but as important was the advice and encouragement you gave me along the way.
Thanks a million."
Paul Monaghan

"I came to Chris in a severe amount of pain and a distinct lack of mobility in my lower back and pelvic area. I had been diagnosed with a slip disc in my back and advised not to throw again - but being an athlete with unfulfilled potential and season of goals to reach I contacted Chris for my first EVER massage.After a couple of sessions with Chris I noticed a great deal more movement and an increased range of mobility.Coupled with some general physiotherapy advice from the Hospital I managed to have 22 competitions in 2005. I set Pb's in the Hammer on 6 separate occasions and beat my previous seasons best more than 50 times in all competition measured throws and set a new Club record which had been in place for 29 years.I also gained Pb's in the Shot by over a meter AND even after being struck down with a Calf strain and acute tendonitis in both Achilles tendons I still managed to gain my 3rd consecutive Welsh Championship Silver Medal in the Snr Men's Hammer this September.I don't think I'd have competed anywhere near the level I achieved this year without the help from Chris." Mark Gulliver. (Leeds City A.C Snr Men's Hammer Record Holder 2005 and Welsh International 2004

"I was suffering from damaged muscle tissue and lower back pain so I went for a massage with Chris. I found him to be polite and friendly and he made me feel comfortable…that was even before the massage started! Chris is fabulous at what he does and I now see him regularly for sports related injury massage – he has true healing hands and I feel relaxed, more flexible and de-knotted after a session with him. I cannot recommend Chris highly enough, he’s a real gentlemen and a true massage guru."
Emily Carrie (Promise PR & Design Ltd)

“While I was living in the UK, I was lucky enough to find Chris and to hire him as my personal trainer. He was great to work with, and was very professional and personable. His fees were extremely reasonable. I highly recommend him!
Michelle Kermes

"Chris has provided a Sports Therapy service, at our twice weekly club nights, at Leeds City Athletic Club for the past 21/2 years. He provides a high class service to all club members, with an age range of 11 years to 82 years of age and is invaluable to our athletes who use his services for injury prevention, prompt attention to 'niggles' and as part of their preparation for major competition. Chris treats all his clients with the same professionalism whether an elite, senior athlete, teenage athlete or fitness runner. Leeds City A.C. regard the Sports Therapy service provided by Chris as one of its many assets."
Pat Childs, Hon Treasurer (Leeds City A.C. - English Cross Country Champions 2006)

“I had been to a number of other physios before seeking Chris's advice. His degree of personal attention, breadth of knowledge and heuristic approach to my problems sets him apart from the competition.”
Duncan Burgess (Otley Athletic Club) Read all>>

"I had a problem with numbness in my calves and feet and Chris was recommended to me. He found a lot of knotted muscle tissue which, over the course of two sessions he was able to massage away completely successfully. 12 months later I had problems with my neck and shoulders and again this was cured in 2 sessions. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him to anyone. There is the convenience of a home visit coupled with his relaxed and helpful approach. I have used other physiotherapists but Chris would always be my first choice now."
Tony O'Reilly (Director Red UK)

"Following a car accident I suffered on going problems with my shoulder, after a few intensive treatments with Chris the injury is much better. On an ongoing basis I have regular treatments to keep the problem under control."
Siobhan Lee (Brighter Marketing)

"Regular weekly treatments from Chris Corcoran over the last two years have been a major contributor in rejuvenating my running career by helping prevent injuries and aiding recovery from hard training. Now into my veteran years the resulting continuity in my training has been rewarded with selection for England Masters at Cross-Country. I would not hesitate to recommend Chris to anyone; I only wish he was in business twenty years ago!"  Greg Hull (Leeds City A.C. - English Cross Country Champions 2006)

"In January this year I contacted Chris in the hope that he could help me with my New Year's Resolution quest, which was to train and run in a marathon with only 18 weeks preparation. After 10 years of being a couch potato, I hauled my ass off it and set myself the challenge of losing 3 stone in weight and running in the Edinburgh Marathon at the end of May 08.

I set off on the journey and could be seen pounding the streets of Leeds through the dark winter mornings. Every week I would see Chris and he would put me back together both mentally and physically. His experience in running marathons and his healing hands on my sore tendons where invaluable, in helping me to achieve my goals of losing 3 stone and completing the marathon in a time of 4h 21 min.

Since then Chris has helped me train to take part in the Berlin Marathon in September with an improved time of 4h 9min.

I simply would not have been able to get the start never mind the finish line without Chris, he comes highly recommended."
Andy Pinkney (Operations Director, winder power)

"I'd like to thank you for all your help with Lesley - you did a great job. I will definitely bear in you in mind for any future features."
Kasie Davies (Reveal Magazine)

"Thanks to your excellent massage my condition is better now and I can expect my best performance at the British University Championship"
Yujiro Iida (Japanese Exchange Student, Leeds University)

"As a full time personal trainer and group exercise instructor training 15-20 hours per week for Ironman Austria (2006) my body rarely gets the chance to rest and recover. Effective sports massage is therefore essential in order for me to achieve the challenging goals which I regularly set myself. Seeing Chris frequently over the past 12 months has helped me to a new half marathon PB (1.22) and has also significantly contributed to my not missing a single days training (due to injury) throughout 2005. I have also recommended Chris's massage service to many of my own personal training clients who have all benefited greatly from his healing hands" Tom Williams (M.Sc. Exercise Science, Personal Trainer)

“After your course of treatment I feel that I am running on a different pair of legs. I feel no discomfort and I am thinking about racing once again.”
George Kendrew Read all>>

"I just wanted to say thank you so much for giving up a precious day of your weekend to help us at one of the Cancer Research UK 10 events this weekend. You did a fantastic job.
Kate Gaskell (Cancer Research UK) Read all>>

"He seems to have the answer to each individual ailment through his experience – I would recommend Chris to all of my friends and family.
Dawn Dobson (Leeds Chamber of Commerce) Read all>>

"Please accept my thanks for your valued contribution to the show in 2004. Once again the massage area proved a huge success and we received many compliments from visitors. I look forward to welcoming you back in 2005."
John Beedon (London Marathon Exhibition) Read all>>

"The feedback we have received from all our runners has been very positive. Thank you so much again, and I look forward to working with you again in the future."
Tiarnan McCusker (British Heart Foundation) Read all>>

"Chris has amazed us both in what we can achieve. He challenges and supports at the same time and we both have complete confidence in him and his knowledge and skills."
Pam Lee (Regional Director) & Terry Kelly (Managing Director) Read all>>