Personal Training, Sports Therapy, Body Masseur and Nutritional Advisor
Hello, I am Chris Corcoran and welcome to Changing You. As a Personal Fitness Trainer, Sports Massage Therapist and Nutritional Advisor I can offer you personal fitness training, sports massage therapy and nutritional advice in Leeds and West Yorkshire.


Tanis Jackson
Business Consultant
5 Staniforth Road

Chris has been my personal trainer for 6 months. I met him through business, and having had a personal trainer before, thought I might like to try again. My personal goals were to become fitter and improve mobility; weight loss was not a priority but would be a bonus.In the past, I have joined gyms with every intention of attending regularly. After three or four visits, I lose interest and have no motivation to continue. I know that I need someone to work with me, to "push" me, and although the cost is an issue, value for money is not!My time with Chris has been so beneficial. His belief that "fitness" is more than physical is apparent in all he does, and his holistic approach suits me very well. He is a good listener and has become my confident during a very difficult time. He encourages healthy eating and will give advice on nutrition. The fact that he can also offer massage is an added bonus, and this contributes to a feeling of well-being. His professional skills and knowledge engender trust and confidence, and his personal attributes provide motivation and improved self-esteem.He is keen for my success - whatever we decide that is - and is genuinely delighted when progress is made. He is patient, supportive and encouraging, and adapts his approach to suit my mood, while never compromising on effort. He offers a variety of activities to maintain interest and sets achievable targets. His manner is enthusiastic and cheerful, and he obviously enjoys what he does.

'Changing You' has certainly changed me. I have reached the targets I set for myself and achieved things (e.g. running and lifting weights) that I never thought I would do. I have a better understanding of what constitutes a healthy life style and hope to maintain my fitness levels while continuing to improve. I hope to continue to see Chris on a weekly basis for the foreseeable future.

Tanis L A Jackson

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