Personal Training, Sports Therapy, Body Masseur and Nutritional Advisor
Hello, I am Chris Corcoran and welcome to Changing You. As a Personal Fitness Trainer, Sports Massage Therapist and Nutritional Advisor I can offer you personal fitness training, sports massage therapy and nutritional advice in Leeds and West Yorkshire.


To the injured and despondent,

I decided to seek Chris's help after suffering trouble with both my Achilles tendons. After completing a pleasing 02/03 Cross Country season I began to feel pain in my tendons. I had trained hard and was really fed up, I was thinking about stopping running completely.

Once into the treatment I noticed a difference after just two weeks and have been able to start a reasonable amount of training again, giving me the confidence to start competing once more. The treatment includes a general sports massage of my legs (and back), specific massage and manipulation of each Achilles tendon and stretching of most of the muscles in my body.

He also produces print outs for me, with details of specific exercises to strengthen and stretch the injured tendons; the results of which we discuss (and modify if necessary) each session.I had been to a number of other physios before seeking Chris's advice. His degree of personal attention, breadth of knowledge and heuristic approach to my problems sets him apart from the competition. He is now treating a long-term lower back injury which is also showing signs of improvement and advising me on warm up/down and stretching techniques.So if you have an injury and are fed up with your sport, go see Chris and get back to form fast.Regards,Duncan Burgess

Otley Athletic Club

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