Personal Training, Sports Therapy, Body Masseur and Nutritional Advisor
Hello, I am Chris Corcoran and welcome to Changing You. As a Personal Fitness Trainer, Sports Massage Therapist and Nutritional Advisor I can offer you personal fitness training, sports massage therapy and nutritional advice in Leeds and West Yorkshire.


My motivation for seeking out a personal trainer was to find one who would keep me motivated and interested in exercise. What was important for me was that the trainer understood where I was at with my exercise regime and was going to work with me at a pace I felt comfortable with but at the same time challenged me. I’d always got bored with the gym and uninspiring exercise regimes that I didn’t really feel any noticeable benefits from after the initial burst of enthusiasm. Working with Chris has been really beneficial for me. Chris’ approach is easy going, but focussed, Chris does understand how you are feeling during and in between sessions, i.e. when it gets tough I get encouragement to stick with it, and he always reinforces progress. Our sessions are varied which keeps it interesting, plus we often have a laugh during the session, it makes exercising a lot more fun and I really feel energised after our sessions. I feel a lot fitter now and I’m interested in exercise and motivated when I go to the gym, because I can take what I’ve learnt during my session with Chris to the gym and keep going! My sessions with Chris have really helped in changing my exercise pattern so I don’t stay doing the same things every time I go to the gym. I can really see the difference in what I’m doing now. In addition, Chris has given me lots of really useful information on healthy eating and general fitness, combined with his knowledge and expertise on sports massage which has come in handy on the odd occasion where I’ve been a bit too over enthusiastic. I would really recommend giving Chris a call, he really knows his stuff and is a nice bloke with it - I can honestly say since I started my sessions with him my whole attitude to exercise has changed and I’ve kept going to the gym and even enjoyed it which is totally different to how I was before!


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